At RPC, every product is locally inspired and globally oriented, a reflection of the attitude of the ambitious real person. When designing for you, we envisioned a product that would Hold safe your tools and materials because the things you carry are important to us. They are the tools used to shape your dreams and curate your ideas. And ideas are powerful, even more so when they are focused and passionately pursued. 


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Inspired by Ghanaian kente weaving, all holders by RPC are uniquely handwoven from separate strands of webbing to form our unique signature mesh weave. This is significant to us because it not only draws from our rich history of weaving, but symbolizes various individuals coming together to form a strong and beautiful bond. This represents our collaborative spirit and collective strength on our journey to inspire and challenge the status quo.


All holders by RPC are designed, handwoven and sewn in Accra Ghana by our design and production team. Steadily growing, our small team is made up of talented and passionately driven young individuals. We continue to perfect our craft with a focus on quality, while looking for innovative ways to overcome the many setbacks and constraints we are faced with on a daily basis. Our resolve remains unchanged, Quality can come from AFRICA and if its Built Here it can Go Anywhere in the world. 


Built Here Goes Anywhere


Over 90% of our materials are sourced in Ghana.  With a commitment to quality and consistency, we buy our leathers and fabrics from a selection of experienced local retailers.

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