About us

The Question

"So how Real are you ?" We can't help but smile every time we are asked that question. Mainly because we expect it, but also because depending on who is asking, it carries different connotations. But for us though, the answer must be self evident, and it is our mission to reflect it through our passion and persistence to see RPC creations come to life in a sustainable and scalable way. 

Real People 

Real People have dreams and have the stubbornness to pursue those dreams. We are the people who do and persist till we birth ideas into life, and for us in this part of the world, we are the ones who ask questions, won't settle for the status quo and must push the boundaries of what's possible in our sphere. We are the ones who cause a stir when we visit other lands and then return home to shake things up. These are the minds we share our time and passions with. So now let me ask you...                       How Real are you?  


We believe

We believe quality can come from Africa. When we started in 2011, most of the products made here were considered as "arts and craft", had poor presentation and were often bought as a show of "patriotic sympathy". We decided to change this trend, and we set out to create a brand with products we could be proud of. Restless after completing his national service and working a couple of months, Paul kweku Akrofie set out with his initial core team to developing concepts for RPC and creating locally inspired yet globally oriented pieces.



          Built Here Goes Anywhere